SensorTack® Ready+ Sensor pad Type 18/19, silicone


Article number: 13360166
Equivalent to OE No.: 1TO955559,7NO955559
Weight: 0.011 kg
Content: 1 piece
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Previously available sensor replacement pads have up until now been acrylic, which is difficult to handle. SensorTack® Ready+ however is made of silicone.

Advantages of SensorTack® Ready+:


  • non-adhesive
  • resistant against dust, grease, finger prints etc.
  • highly elastic
  • highly transparent
  • similar light refraction index as glass
  • saves having to purchase expensive new sensor units or pads
  • easy handling and application

The application in combination with the SensorTack® Cleaning and contact spray (Art. no. 13360100) ensures a bubble-free installation and easy handling.

Diameter: 32 mm

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