PT All-in-1 PLUS, 100 ml


Article number: 13345043
Weight: 0.145 kg
Content: 1 piece
PT All-in-1 PLUS is a combined glass primer/activator with a short flash-off period. It can be used when replacing windscreens, back- and sidelights on both the silk print area and on the old sealant (remaining bead).
It can also be applied to the bodywork and on freshly painted surfaces. PT All-in-1 PLUS protects the polyurethane against UV radiation and ensures a high-quality bonding.

This all-inclusive one-step product reduces the need for additional primers, activators or cleaners, thus reducing the time needed to prepare the glass for installation and the possible extra costs for additional products. Can be applied on all known plastic screens (Lexan, Macrolon, etc.).