SensorTack® Ready+ Sensor pad Type 2-1, silicone


Article number: 13360151
Eurocode: various models
Equivalent to OE No.: 4E0955609


Previously available sensor replacement pads have up until now been acrylic, which is difficult to handle. SensorTack® Ready+ however is made of silicone.

Advantages of SensorTack® Ready+:


  • non-adhesive
  • resistant against dust, grease, finger prints etc.
  • highly elastic
  • highly transparent
  • similar light refraction index as glass
  • saves having to purchase expensive new sensor units or pads
  • easy handling and application

The application in combination with the SensorTack® Cleaning and contact spray (Art. no. 13360100) ensures a bubble-free installation and easy handling.

Diameter: 27 mm

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How do I know for which sensors SensorTack® Ready+ can be used?

In our web shop this information is shown in the sensor article texts. Alternatively, the requested vehicle model can be chosen and the models for which SensorTack® Ready+ can be used are shown. Or use our SensorTack® Finder on our Webshop or Web pages to see for which vehicle SensorTack® Ready+ can be used.

What is important when using SensorTack® Ready+ camera pads?

Please observe the following procedure for SensorTack® Ready+ camera pads:

After taking off the camera, remove the old pad. Spray SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray (Art. No. 13360100) on a lint-free microfibre cloth and clean the surface of the camera as well as the camera cut-out of the windscreen.

Caution! DO NOT spray SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray on the camera, as moisture could penetrate the housing and cause a short circuit.

After removing the first carrier foil, place the new pad on the camera. Make sure that you do not remove the second carrier foil until you install the camera. Before installing, apply a spray of SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray to the camera area of the windshield. This will help to press out any bubbles that may form more quickly.

If there are still bubbles in the camera area after mounting, check that the camera is seated correctly and that all holding positions are properly engaged.

For how many sensors can the SensorTack® Ready+ pad be used?

SensorTack® Ready+ sensor pads are made of silicone, as the original, and are designed to be used for one application only.

What is the waiting time for SensorTack® Ready+?

There is no waiting time. After removing all silicone and PU remnants from the original sensor, the ready-to-go SensorTack® Ready+ pad is placed on the sensor and the fitter can start the application.

During installation, I can see air pockets between the gel and the windscreen. Is that ok?

Air pockets between the gel and the windscreen can affect the function of the sensor. When replacing the optical unit on to the windscreen, make sure it clips into position, but do not press hard. Any remaining air pockets will normally disappear after 1 to 30 minutes.

How do I store SensorTack® Ready+ pads?

SensorTack® Ready+ pads should be stored in a dry place at temperatures between 15° C and 25° C.

Does the re-use have any effects on the proper functions of the rain/light sensor?

The SensorTack® Ready+ pad should not affect the function of the optical unit, as the pad has been designed to OEM specifications and providing all the necessary pre-checks and procedures have been carried out, the sensor should function correctly. It is important therefore to perform a function test on the original sensor before removing the glass (by using water to test the wipers and by covering the sensor eye to check the lights), to check that all features are working correctly. If however the sensor fails to function correctly after the replacement, then it will be necessary to use specialist diagnostic equipment, to check the error and re-activate the affected function.

What are the differences between SensorTack® 1, 2, Ready+ and Ready+ Plus?

Each product has been designed to offer an individual solution for the re-use of sensors and camera units for most vehicle and installation applications.