WS-Water channel clip set, self-adh.


Article number: KCL121
Eurocode: various models


To prevent rain from entering the driver's cabin via the air conditioning system, the self-adhesive KCL119 and KCL120 water channel clips are attached to the side of the windscreen. They channel rain that runs down the A-pillar to the outside.

Characteristic: self-adhesive

Corresponding vehicles:

BMW 2 Series Cpé. G42 (21-) - EUROCODE: 2494
BMW 3 Series G20/G21 (19-) - EUROCODE: 2490
BMW 4 Series G22/G23 (20-) - EUROCODE: 2499
BMW 4 Series G26 Gran Coupé (21-) - EUROCODE: 2301


Application video: